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Free Genealogy Websites to Find Cemetery Burial Records

Cemetery burial records should not be overlooked in your research. Burial records can substitute for missing death records or add value in their own right to your research of your ancestors. There are many, many free genealogy websites that have transcriptions of burial records, however, most of them are on small sites that perhaps only cater to an individuals family research or maybe a particular county. Your best friend here is Google to try to ferret out those hard to find lists online.

There are a couple of large free genealogy websites that focus on cemetery burial records. The first is Interment.Net which has been online for about 10 years and quickly rose to being one of the top 10 visited genealogy sites on the Internet. It relies almost exclusively on volunteers who submit their own transcriptions of cemeteries.


A cemetery transcription involves actually walking through the cemetery and recording the names and dates and other information about the gravestones. The volunteer then types up the list and submits it to Interment.Net or any other such website making it available to you who might not otherwise ever be able to travel to the cemetery yourself. Interment.Net has a site-wide search function or you can narrow it down by state. You may also browse by state and cemetery. At this writing, there are about 3.8 million records from over 8,000 cemeteries worldwide!

Another free genealogy site to check out is On the home page, you will see an option to search for graves of famous people and then the not-so-famous (i.e. most of us!). The deceptively simple design of the site might lead you to think it is not of much value, but truly, it’s an amazing resource for cemetery burial records! There are over 27 MILLION records on this site from all over the world! You can search by name, dates and locations. There is also a section to browse the locations of the cemeteries themselves if you are trying to figure out where a particular cemetery is located. Once you find a record, you may be lucky enough to see a photo attached! If not, then you can request that one be taken by a volunteer or you can upload pictures yourself, if you have them.

Check out both of these cemetery burial records sites today – you won’t be disappointed! Don’t forget to thank those volunteers who help you find your ancestors for free.

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